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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jason Newsted Gets Knocked Out By Stage Diver In New York City - Video Available

Yesterday (May 21), Jason Newsted performed with his solo band NEWSTED at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. During the performance, Newsted was knocked out by a fan who decided it would be a good idea to hop on stage and then stage dive into the crowd. While stage diving is part of Metal shows, this stage diver ended up knocking Jason Newsted off his feet and could have caused some serious injuries on himself, on Newsted, or on other concert goers. Guys: PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

Our good friend Ryan Dwyer (pictured above) was right in front of Newsted when this incident took place, here is what he saw:

"I attended the Jason Newsted show last night in new York City at the Highline Ballroom and an incident took place during 'Whiplash'. During the solo, a fan jumped on stage to jump into the crowd but for some reason in the process, rammed Newsted into the audience where I was, and he fell on top of us and on to the floor. At first we thought Newsted wanted to crowd surf but we had no idea he was pushed since it happened so fast. Myself and the fans around me thought Jason was going to crowd surf but turns out a fan knocked him down and thought it was awesome that he did it. It looked like he was shaken up for a few seconds but the band continued on with 'Whiplash'. Jason was in high spirits again and continued playing like a badass. I caught up with Jason after the show and showed him the video. He was feeling a little sore but was still ok. He even said to me, put it on Youtube."

Upcoming NEWSTED tour dates in the United States:

May 22: The Middle East Downstairs - Cambridge, MA
May 23: The Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ

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