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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SATYRICON To Jam With The Norwegian National Opera Chorus - Details Available!

Norwegian extreme Metallers SATYRICON, are globally known for always pushing boundaries by never conforming to what might 'expected'. This philosophy is applied by the band to this very day. The members of SATYRICON are thrilled to announce a very special, exclusive show at Oslo Opera House on 8th September 2013, where they will perform together with Norway's 55-strong National Opera Chorus.
SATYRICON's leader and visionary, Satyr comments: "SATYRICON excels as a band, the bigger the platform is. In Norway, there is no greater stage than the main hall of our new Opera House. There is nowhere better suited to provide the dynamics, power and authenticity to such an occasion than the Opera Chorus and SATYRICON. We are also excited to have a couple of special musical friends come and play their part as well. Ladies and gentlemen - welcome!"

The Opera Chorus' lead conductor, David Maiwald adds: "Mixing different musical expressions is always exciting. When the internationally acclaimed black metal band SATYRICON meets the voluminous voices of the Norwegian National Opera Chorus, we expect a powerful and monumental result, rich in innovative surprises."

Tickets for this event will go on sale Wednesday, May 22nd and can be purchased here!

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