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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HELLFEST: Watch AXL ROSE Fall On Stage!

Once again, GUNS N' ROSES' frontman Axl Rose tripped and fell down while on tour with the current version of GNR. During the band's June 16 performance at the Hellfest festival in Clisson, France, Rose had a fall on stage while attempting to jump onto a platform. Video of the incident can be seen below.

Rose previously fell on May 20 while leaving the stage after performing the final song of the band's set in Liverpool, England. Axl was apparently walking backwards and waving the crowd goodbye after the group finished playing "Paradise City" at the Echo Arena and tripped on what appeared to be either a piece of equipment or a set of steps that led from the main floor to the drum-riser floor.

As previously reported, 80s Rock legends GUNS N' ROSES were inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame. The ceremony took place on Saturday, April 14 in Cleveland, Ohio. As it was anticipated, singer Axl Rose wasn't part of the induction ceremony. GREEN DAY's Billie Joe Armstrong inducted the band into the Hall Of Fame!

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