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Thursday, June 21, 2012

ROADRUNNER RECORDS' Monte Conner Accepts "Golden God Award" & Gives Farewell Speech - Video Available!

As previously reported, ROADRUNNER RECORDS has closed their UK and Canadian offices. Apparently, their German office will face the same destiny. Regarding their U.S. team, some of their top staff members have been dismissed but the U.S. office will remain open. One of the RR workers who we was let go was Monte Conner, the companies Senior Vice President of A&R. A man who single handily shaped the sound of 90's Heavy Music.

During the recent Metal Hammer "Golden Gods Awards", the label was presented with an award in recognition of their tremendous work within our music. Here is video footage of the moment in which Monte Conner accepted the award in behalf of the ROADRUNNER RECORDS family and gave his farewell speech. This is truly inspiring!

Click here to see the list of winners!

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