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Monday, July 9, 2012

Heavy Metal Bands Exposed: "Metal destroys the lives of many youth and leads millions of souls to hell" - Part 1 Available!

The producers of the "April and Wayne Show" have come up with a segment that is meant to expose Heavy Metal bands. Their description reads as follows:

"Metal destroys the lives of many youth and leads millions of souls to hell. Metal has caused many youth to turn to drugs, become rebellious and become sexually promiscuous (including bisexuality). Metal promotes self destruction (including suicide). Rock music gets millions of youth to experiment with drugs. The core of Metal is sex, drugs and Rock N' Roll! Metal artists have sold their souls to the devil and satan uses Metal bands to lead millions of souls to hell."

Here is part 1 of this ridiculous segment and remember that Jesus is the only way! Hahahaha!

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Anonymous said...

I was going to write something about your time wasting
e with this garbage and so I will waste/spend time writing about waste and the world turns SO waste away MERCI!