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Saturday, July 14, 2012

OBITUARY Recording NEW Music - Video Interview Available!

OBITUARY are back from the dead! Earlier this week, the band announced the "Carnival Of Death" tour with Broken Hope, Decrepit Birth, Jungle Rot and Encrust (details below)! Now, according to an interview that MetalBlast.net conducted with Trevor Peres (OBITUARY guitarist) at the 2012 edition of the "Dokk'em Open Air" festival at Spriens Raard in Dokkum, Netherlands, the Floridean Death Metallers are recording a NEW 3 song EP! Here are a few excerpts of the interview:

Plans for NEW music:

Trevor Peres: 

"We're actually… Before this tour, we started recording an EP. We were hoping to be finished recording before this tour, but a bunch of different personal things happened and we just didn't have time to finish it. But I've got all the guitar scratch tracks done and Donald [Tardy, drums] started doing scratch drum tracks. But when we get home from this, in one or two weeks we finish recording. It's like three NEW songs; it's an EP we're gonna do. We're actually gonna do a seven-inch picture disc — no CDs at all; just picture disc only. But then you [will be able to] download it from iTunes or Google Music and stuff. But then we've got another 10 songs we're gonna record after that. So, hopefully, by the end of the year — January, maybe — [there will be] a brand NEW full-length album."

On what the NEW Obituary music sounds like:

Trevor Peres: 

"It's pure OBITUARY. In fact, we've got some of the catchiest hooks on this album. These songs are so amazing. In fact, one of the first songs [we wrote] for it I'm always humming in my head. It pisses me off because it's stuck there all the time. So it's a good thing; it's, like, really catchy, groovy OBITUARY."

As previously reported, OBITUARY has announced their long-anticipated North American headlining tour. Brought to you by Rock The Nation and sponsored by Fender, the near month-long Carnival Of Death Tour 2012 will run through September and include additional audio demolition from Broken Hope, Decrepit Birth, Jungle Rot and Encrust! Tour dates and further info to be announced in the coming days…. You have been warned.

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