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Monday, July 9, 2012

Worldwide Premiere Of BORKNAGAR's Music Video For "The Earthling' Available Now!

In order to further promote BORKNAGAR's much acclaimed current album 'Urd', which was voted "album of the month" in the Germany's Metal Hammer Magazine as well as Norway's Scream Magazine upon release, a video clip for the outstanding song "The Earthling" has recently been finalized. BORKNAGAR proudly announces its North American premiere below (courtesy of Decibel Magazine):

"Over the last couple of months we have been working with Twitchy Films to produce a video for the song 'The Earthling'. Thematically, this song really grips onto the backbone of the album 'Urd' and the band in general. As with our music, we wanted to do something really unique and special- and not a typical metal video. You won't see a raging Metal band in dim lights with scary effects, but rather a video that sophistically portray the beauty, magnitude and power of the Nature. Kjetil Kolbjørnsrud and David Solbjørg at Twitchy Films spent allot of time and effort to get the right shots and the perfect vibe. They spent hours and days in the Norwegian wilderness to make this video a reality. As you know, Nature is untamable. Hands down for their efforts and the great work! Enjoy, folks!" The track-listing for 'Urd' is as follows: 1. Epochalypse 2. Roots 3. The Beauty Of Dead Cities 4. The Earthling 5. The Plains Of Memories 6. Mount Regency 7. Frostrite 8. The Winter Eclipse 9. In A Deeper World To purchase 'Urd', please head over to CM Distro.

- Øystein G. Brun: Clean & Electric Guitars (Cronian, ex-Molested)
- Vintersorg: Grim Vocals, Clean Vocals & Choirs (Vintersorg, Fission)
- Lars A. Nedland: Keys, Clean Vocals & Choirs (Solefald, ex-Carpathian Forest)
- Jens F. Ryland: Lead Guitars (ICS Vortex)
- ICS Vortex: Bass, Clean Vocals & Choirs (ex-Dimmu Burgir, Arcturus, ICS Vortex
- Baard Kolstad: Drums

- Drums and percussion on 'Urd' were performed by David Kinkade (Soulfly, ex-Malevolent Creation)

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