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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

CRO MAGS Founder Harley Flanagan: "Everything that happened was in self defense"

This past Friday night (July 6th),  Harley Flanagan (founder of the CRO MAGS) attacked a few of bands current members. The incident took place at New York City's Webster Hall, during the CBGB Fest show that featured SICK OF IT ALL, CRO MAGS, VISION OF DISORDER, ABSOLUTION and SAI NAM. The incident took place right after VISION OF DISORDER's set, who performed right before CRO MAGS and SICK OF IT ALL!

According to the NY Post, Flanagan's victims were: William Berario, 45, who was slashed above the eye and bitten on his cheek, and Michael "The Gook" Couls, 33 (current CRO MAGS bassist & member of the DMS crew) who was cut in the lung, under his left armpit to his heart and on his arm.

Today (July 11th), CRO MAGS founder Harley Flanagan and his lawyers gave the first public comment to NYNatives.com about the stabbing incident that he was involved in on Friday night in New York City. Here is what the website posted:

"Cro-Mags founder, Harley Flanagan himself and his attorney have told NYNatives.com exclusively in a statement that everything that happened on July 6th at the CBGB's Festival Cro-Mags show at Webster Hall happened in 'self defense.' Harley was not the aggressor and any and all of his actions were in self defense. This statement is in direct conflict with all major media reports covering the events which happened that night.

"On that steamy July evening crowds expected the Cro-Mags, billed as John 'Bloodclot' Joseph, Mackie, William Bereraio and Michael Couls the "Gook", instead they left disappointed confused and angry with a cancelled show and the impression that a disgruntled Harley Flanagan 'attacked' current band members."

Harley Flanagan tells NYNatives.com his story in an exclusive in-depth interview in the coming days.

Here is a detailed description of the events (courtesy of The Daily News):

"He first lunged at one of the men and slashed him twice in the side, the sources said. As the second victim tried to break up the fight, Flanagan bit him and slashed him near his right eye.

"Flanagan then turned back to the first victim and cut him again in the right arm and bit him in the left forearm. Both men were taken to a hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.

"Flanagan, who played bass with the band, was charged with second-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon, cops said. A 4- to 5-inch knife was recovered at the scene."

Click here for all the details on this story!

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