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Monday, August 13, 2012

Australian Synchronized Swimming Team Performs To AC/DC At The London Olympic Games - Video Available!

Recently we reported that cyber attackers launched a virus that hacked computer systems in Iran and forced them to blast AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”. More on this story HERE.

At the London Olympic Games, the Australian synchronized swimming squad performed to an AC/DC medley in preparation for their Olympic performance. Here is what the team had to say about this:

"It was an idea we all spoke about. We wanted something classically Australian and with a very strong beat," swimmer Eloise Amberger told the media about their choice of music for the routine.

She added, "It was a joint idea of ours and our coaches. We were very proud and honored to be swimming to some Australian music. It was [a gamble] but we thought it was suitable. It's very strong, it's dynamic, it's Aussie. It just helped us get into the groove," she said.

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