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Thursday, August 16, 2012

GWAR's Oderus Urungus: "I Don't Need To Berate DAVE MUSTAINE To Make Him Look Like An Asshole"

On August 7, MEGADETH performed at Fort Canning in Singapore, and Dave Mustaine took the opportunity to preach to the crowd after someone threw a shoe onstage. The four-minute speech, began innocently enough, with the frontman calling out the person that threw the shoe ("that's what happens when cousins fuck") and playfully making fun of a fan who kept interrupting him during his speech. He then launched into a brief rant against Obama, saying, "Back in my country, my president [makes puking sign with his finger in his mouth], he's trying to pass a gun ban, so he's staging all of these murders, like the 'Fast And Furious' thing down at the border; [the massacre in] Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there; and now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple [near Milwaukee, Wisconsin].

"I was talking to J.D., our promoter here tonight… What a great guy. I was saying, 'I don't know where I'm gonna live if America keeps going the way it's going because it looks like it's turning into Nazi America.' And he said, 'Move down here to Singapore.'"

After reading the above comments, GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus slammed MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine (once again) for implying President Obama was somehow responsible for recent mass shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin. Here is what Oderus posted on his Twitter account:

"I don't need to berate Dave Mustaine to make him look like an asshole. He does fine just by opening his mouth. To say something as ignorant and insensitive as Obama 'staged' the recent U.S. mass shootings you would have to be… ME! I just can't think of anything more ignorant or insensitive right of the top of my head…"

Here is a video of Mustaine preaching during a MEGADETH concert in Singapore:

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