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Thursday, August 16, 2012

WHITESNAKE: Drunk? Woman Files Lawsuit After Slipping On Vomit At Bands Show!

According to South Wales Argus, Lindy Butcher (39) slipped on vomit and injured herself. The accident occurred during a WHITESNAKE concert that took place in December of 2011 in Newport, Wales, United Kingdom. Reportedly, Butcher has sued the local council because of her injuries: she claims that she suffered bruising and soreness to both of her knees, as well as muscle spasms between her ribs. This is what she had to say about the incident:

"It was horrifying, you don't expect to fall in someone's vomit."

The Newport council says they did what they could to prevent this incident:

"It would appear the presence of vomit was reported to staff by a member of the public," a letter from Newport council's legal representatives said. "One of the bar staff tried to call for a cleaner. However, it was extremely busy in the bar and cafe areas. In the absence of any detail concerning the actual whereabouts of the vomit and with so many people in the bars, it was difficult to pinpoint immediately where the vomit was located."

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