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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lost Footage Of VAN HALEN Lip-syncing "Mean Street" In 1981 - Video Available!

This “lost” video of VAN HALEN lip-syncing “Mean Street” was aired this summer on Italian television channel RAI Storia. Luckily someone recorded it, giving us some of the clearest footage from the Roth-era. The recording was from 11/14/81. Enjoy!

As previously reported, the 31 Van Halen concert dates that were postponed in May have now been officially cancelled. Various reports suggested that the band was burned out from performing 48 shows over several months of touring. 

The band will play Japan in November, and rumors persist of an Australia tour late this year, and/or another US tour next year. There is also a rumor that VAN HALEN might appear at next years Super Bowl half time show!

Stay tuned for more VAN HALEN news!

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