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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TRIVIUM's Matt Heafy Announces NEW "Extreme Black Metal" Side Project!

Last night, TRIVIUM's front man Matt Heafy performed his first-ever solo acoustic set in New York City. The intimate event took place at The MOSCOT Gallery & Music Space, and all proceeds benefited The MOSCOT MOBILEYES FOUNDATION.

Heafy performed a couple of TRIVIUM songs, along with classic songs by Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Opeth and even Depechemode. He also revealed that he has a NEW side project called MRITWU (death in sans-script), which he describes as an extreme Black Metal sonic extravaganza. He plans on releasing it sometime next year, and blames EMPEROR for the musical direction this side project has taken. Heafy does not plan on touring with it, since TRIVIUM is his main focus. However, he did mention that IF he would ever play the songs live, it would have to be with his current band mates: Corey Beaulieu, Paolo Gregoletto and Nick Augusto.

"It was originally intended to be full-on black metal… '90s style, second or third wave black metal." Heafy added that he decided to take the new group in different direction after discussing it with former EMPEROR frontman Ihsahn. "Somehow we got in touch and I sent the demo along. He started passing a few things to me to listen to, films to watch, CDs to check out, and it inspired this band to become this whole other thing. I don't even know what to call the genre anymore."

He added, "It's not going to play shows. It's just me on vocals, guitar and bass. I'm going to have Nick [Augusto, TRIVIUM drummer] on drums. If it ever did play live, I'll only have TRIVIUM guys play in it. You'll maybe see something with that band a year from now. It's got to be staggered with the TRIVIUM release. So yeah, I'll be doing another thing. I guess you can call it extreme metal."

Upcoming TRIVIUM tour dates

Latin American Tour:

- Sep 08: Via Marques in Sao Paulo, Brazil    
- Sep 09: Music Hall in Curitiba, Brazil    
- Sep 11: TEATRO FLORES     in Buenos Aires, Argentina    
- Sep 12: Teatro Teleton in Santiago, Chile    
- Sep 14: Teleferico in    Quito, Ecuador    
- Sep 15: Teatro Metro in Bogota, Colombia    
- Sep 16: La Casa Del Artista in Caracas, Venezuela    
- Sep 18: Jose Cuervo Salon in Granjas Mexico, Mexico

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