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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NEW Music Tuesday: RESOLUTION 15 Replace Guitars With Violins On 'Svaha'

Today (January 15), our good friends from RESOLUTION 15 are releasing a brand NEW full-length album entitled 'Svaha'! In celebration of their highly anticipated release, the band recently performed at the Studio at Webster Hall in front of a massive crowd that were awed by the bands NEW music and lineup.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign designed to raise funds for its recording, the band’s NEW album 'Svaha' has finally arrived. Recording took place at Spin Studios and Nova Studios with Ryan Kelly and Stacy O’Dell as producers.

Track listing:

1. The Current
2. Anjaneya
3. In Full View
4. Sunday Bloody Sunday
5. Yama
6. Mr. Dark
7. Overdriven Maxim Mvt. 2
8. Kali

“‘Svaha’ means “So be it” in Sanskrit. The title is of dual significance to us,” states RESOLUTION15 electric violinist Earl Maneein. “The first is in regards to the spirit of how we recorded the album. Yes, the album was certainly edited, but it was more or less recorded in a “So be it” fashion with usually the second or third, and sometimes even the first complete take standing as the final cut. The second is in regards to our stance as a socially conscious band. The ideas we bring up lyrically deal with one's own inner turmoil and how that relates to worldly experience and action. ‘Svaha’ is the last word in the Heart Sutra, and it serves as a kind of “Amen”. So we would like the listener to feel like this is our sincere commentary on the world as it is through our eyes, and also encourage them to find their own awareness.”

In 2007, RESOLUTION15 released a self-titled debut and quickly became a fixture in the New York Metal scene, performing at countless shows and drawing fans and local press in with their unique sound. The band’s last EP, 'Satyagraha', was released in April 2010 with Corey Unger (guitarist of the seminal New England metalcore band Blood Has Been Shed) as producer.


Earl Maneein on 7 string electric violin
- Kenny Grohowski on drums
- Mike Bendykowski on bass
- Nick Serr on vocals.

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