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Friday, January 18, 2013

TESTAMENT's Alex Skolnick Presents "From Geek To Guitar Hero" In New York City - Review Available!

                            Photo by: Zulie Alvarez

(January 17), TESTAMENT's Alex Skolnick took center stage at Tammany Hall New York City to present his brand NEW book "From Geek To Guitar Hero". Here is what went down.

In typical Skolnick fashion, the event was full of really good music and an awesome vibe. We must say that it was a real awesome treat seeing him perform in such an intimate setting, and what was really cool is that he didn't just read snippets from his book. Instead, he first read a few snippets and then talked about parts of the book. Eventually, he related various stories within the book by performing a song that had to do with that particular story. The fans definitely loved Skolnick's unique way of launching his book.

Skolnick was joined on stage by many of his musician friends, including young kids who are following his foot steps. And make no mistake, they rocked the hell out of cover songs by JUDAS PRIEST, AC/DC, METALLICA, LED ZEPPELIN, and many more.

The book is a must read for any Heavy Music fan. What we really think sets this book apart is the fact that Skolnick didn't make this an autobiography per say, instead he shares stories of how his journey through the music industry started and how it evolved into what it is today.

The first book-store where 'Geek to Guitar Hero' is available is at McNally Jackson, New York. http://mcnallyjackson.com/
Here is the book synopsis:

"Alex is an awkward, introverted child growing up in 1970s Berkeley, California – a confusing vortex of shifting values, rampant drug use and social confusion. Misunderstood by his family and taunted mercilessly by classmates, he suffers from a paralyzing lack of confidence and low self-esteem. His existence is made tolerable when he discovers a superhero-like Rock band, KISS, which inspires him to learn the guitar. While in high school, he auditions for Legacy – a group of hard partying, working class, twenty-something Metalheads from the East Bay suburbs. After recording his first album with the group at age eighteen, he defies his Ivy League parents’ rigid academic expectations by forgoing college and hitting the road with Metal bands including Slayer, Megadeth, White Zombie and Judas Priest. As his own band, now known as Testament, rises through the ranks of Thrash Metal, the world begins to take notice of the young guitar prodigy who, despite being fawned over by autograph-seeking Metalheads, guitar fanatics and adoring female fans, still feels the pain, awkwardness and ghosts of his past. Soon, a blooming interest in Jazz and literature reshapes his values and strengthens his musicianship, bringing further accolades from fans and media but causing resistance and tension from within his inner circle. These experiences cause a realization to unfold: that the scene in which he had first sought his freedom and self-identity is fraught with its own perilous limitations, while the education he’d so fiercely resisted from his family can be invaluable when sought on one’s own terms."

Very soon, TESTAMENT will be taking over North America with OVERKILL, FLOTSAM & JETSAM (on select dates), and 4ARM, for their first headlining tour since the release of their phenomenal chart success 'Dark Roots of Earth' (available now via Nuclear Blast Records). The trek promises to be one of the best Thrash Metal lineups of the year! More information HERE!

Earlier this week, we chatted with the bands vocalist Chuck Billy about the upcoming tour, and how the band plans to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Listen to it here:

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