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Thursday, January 17, 2013

SYSTEM OF A DOWN Confirm Concert In Italy With LACUNA COIL!

SYSTEM OF A DOWN have confirmed via Twitter, that they will be back in Italy to re-embrace their fans with a show that will be held on August 27 at the Fiera Milano Rho Live. The concert will be re living the history that made famous the band guided by the charismatic Serj Tankian
Special guest: LACUNA COIL and another band that we will reveal soon.
Mark this event , you can't miss it!

For info and tickets: http://www.livenation.it/event/385008/system-of-a-down-tickets?c=FB_WP_systemofadown_150113

What about some NEW music? Last year, Musik Universe chatted with SYSTEM OF A DOWN's front man Serj Tankian about the bands future plans

About writing NEW music:

The band has made it clear in recent interviews that no plans have yet been made for the group to begin work on a NEW studio album.

Future releases:

"I think we have about four or five unreleased tracks that we finished before. We need to talk about what to do with them, etc. But I would be very open to releasing, like, a greatest-hits record with a few [previously] unreleased tracks. However, we haven't really discussed it, so I don't wanna make a promise."

Solo project vs SYSTEM OF A DOWN:

"It's an interesting dynamic, I think, writing by yourself and writing with people. When you have a very focused idea, a very concrete kind of understanding of what you wanna present and have the skills and the ability to completely present it the exact way that you want to, it's much more conducive to do it yourself. If you have ideas that require other people's input to kind of make it something else than what you have, then a collaboration — whether it's with SYSTEM or anyone else for that matter — would be much smarter."

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