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Monday, January 14, 2013

CANNIBAL CORPSE Have Been Delivering "Punishing Brutality" For 25 Years; Special Releases & North American Tour Announced!

Last year CANNIBAL CORPSE released their 12th studio album 'Torture' via Metal Blade Records, and supported their NEWEST musical assault with plenty of touring. But this is nothing out of the ordinary for the most successful Death Metal band in history. They have been hard at work since their formation in 1988, and just like fine booze: the more years that pass by, the better the band gets.

2013 marks Death Metal juggernauts, CANNIBAL CORPSE'S 25th year as a band and CANNIBAL is going to celebrate it all year long! The logo has been updated to reflect the monumental occasion and will be used on all things CANNIBAL (see it below), from merch to packaging, throughout 2013. There is also a box set in the works for the most extreme CANNIBAL CORPSE fan, which is expected to drop in March via Metal Blade Records - details coming soon!

In addition to the updated logo only being used this year and the box set, Metal Blade Records will be releasing one picture disc a month from the band's expansive catalog ('Eaten Back to Life', 'Butchered at Birth', 'Tomb of the Mutilated', 'The Bleeding', 'Vile', 'Gallery of Suicide', 'Bloodthirst', 'Gore Obsessed', 'The Wretched Spawn', 'KILL', 'Evisceration Plague', 'Torture'). A total of 12 pictures discs will be released, covering all of the band's full-length studio albums, some of which have never been released on picture disc. The first picture disc available for preorder is 'Eaten Back to Life', which was released August 17, 1990, and can be found HERE. Check back each month to get a glimpse of the next picture disc available for preorder.

Stay tuned to MetalBlade.com and Cannibal Corpse on Facebook for news on a full North American headline tour featuring one of the best Death Metal lineups a fan could ever ask for.

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