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Monday, January 14, 2013

BLACK SABBATH Announce NEW Album Title & Studio Drummer!!!

Over the weekend, BLACK SABBATH revealed that the release of their NEW album has been postponed. Originally the record was set to be released this April, but now the band has announced that it won't be out until June. It seems like we will all have to wait a few months for the most anticipated album of the year.  It will also be the band's first record with frontman Ozzy Osbourne since the release of 'Never Say Die!' in 1978.

The band also announced that their NEW album will be entitled '13'. Why '13', is it because it is the year 2013? Or they just ran out of good album titles?

Additionally, the band has recruited drummer Brad Wilk from RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE to lay down the drum tracks on '13'. So this probably means that Wilk will also be touring with the band. Unless, Tommy Clufetos rejoins the rest of the band - Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler - once they hit the road later this year (see below).

So there you have it folks. The NEW SABBATH is entitled '13', it won't be out until June, and they have recruited Brad Wilk to lay down the drum tracks on '13'. Stay tuned for more SABBATH news!

Upcoming BLACK SABBATH tour dates:

- Apr 20: Auckland Vector Arena, New Zealand
Apr 22: Auckland Vector Arena, New Zealand

Apr 25: Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Australia

Apr 27: Sydney All Phones Arena, Australia

Apr 28: Melbourne Rod Laver Arena, Australia

May 1: Melbourne Rod Laver Arena, Australia

May 4: Perth Arena, Australia

May 12: Ozzfest, Tokyo Makahari Messe, Japan

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