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Friday, January 18, 2013

DEATH TO ALL TOUR 2013 Confirmed!

The "Death To All Tour" (presented by Perseverance Holdings Ltd.) is returning this year in benefit of Sweet Relief. Once again, the short tour will feature a handful of DEATH All-Starts, as well as various special guests. This tour is to celebrate the life and music of Chuck Schuldiner, as well as to raise awareness of Sweet Relief Musicians Fund — a charity that provides financial assistance to career musicians faced with illness, disability or age-related problems.

Earlier this week, the event organizers posted the following message regarding the tour dates and lineup:

"DEATH TO ALL was chosen as the number 1 live event of 2012!

"Just to let everyone know that we are trying to get everyone's schedules to coincide in order to do more shows. Much of this surrounds Gene Hoglan's personal touring schedule, as he is busy as hell (thankfully!). We've all agreed that 2014 will be the year of DEATH TO ALL worldwide, but there is a chance for some shows in 2013... not sure just yet... as some of the guys have stated that they don't wish to do it again. But we do have a hardcore group of former DEATH dudes waiting for the chance to hit the road again. Viva DEATH! :)" - ERIC GREIF

Today, they confirmed the tour via the following poster! More details will be announced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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raceman2112 said...

Last year I went, it was burning so I wanted to take my shirt off, so i would be left in a bikini top.

Umrah UK