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Monday, January 14, 2013

"Underground Music Monday's": CHARETTA Are Ready For A NEW Musical Ladder & Need Your Help!

New York's "Sweet Rocking" band Charetta, have been working hard on their musical craft ever since their formation in 2007.  Last year, they presented their brand NEW EP entitled "A Nation Distracted" to the masses and the reaction was immediate. Following the release of their 'A Nation Distracted', they performed at the Gotham Rocks third year anniversary concert at Irving Plaza in New York City and totally stole the show.

Charetta started when musicians guitarist Pablo LaFrossia and drummer Adonis Sanchez, who have been part of the New York rock scene for years, decided to start a band that would be all about the "Sweet Rocking". Don't get confused though, Charetta will keep your head banging throughout their entire set. While many bands perform better on smaller stages, Charetta have proved that they can play on a big stage like they did at the Irving Plaza and that they can also play at more intimate venues like at the Best Buy store in Union Square (New York City).

Charetta consists of:

- Angelina DelCarmen (vocals)
- Pablo LaFrossia (guitar)
- Chris Fullam (guitar)
- Richard Mollo (bass)
- Adonis Sanchez (drums). 

The band started in 2007 when Pablo and Adonis, who were long-time friends and veterans of the local scene, wanted to start a new project with an amazing vocalist. Through a Myspace posting, they found Angelina. “She sang on our demos and just blew us away. One audition was all we needed to hear,” says Adonis. It was at that time the project was named, but the band prefers to keep the meaning of Charetta a mystery. Only their most dedicated fans know their secret. Several months and many auditions later, the band added Richard as their permanent bassist, and the band’s foundation was born.

In July 2009, the band released their debut album “Defying the Inevitable” which was produced by Brett Hestla (Creed, Dark New Day). Since then, Charetta has made countless appearances in the Northeast region (opening for national acts such as Saliva and Smile Empty Soul), put out a music video for “Runs In The Blood,” and have had their music featured in the independent film release “5th of a Degree,” as well as the television program “The Mun2 Look” on Mun2. In late 2010, before going into the studio to record what would become “A Nation Distracted,” the band added Chris as their second guitarist. “Chris and I have similar styles. We are both heavily influenced by Mark Tremonti (Creed, Alter Bridge), so it was a very natural fit,” shares Pablo.

As mentioned above,
in 2011, Charetta presented their brand NEW EP entitled "A Nation Distracted" and have been touring regionally ever since. So what's next for Charetta? Here is a message from the band:

"We are currently in the finishing stages of writing music for our next release and we need your help.  Recording is tentatively scheduled for March, 2013 in Long Island, NY. As you all know, we are an independent band and creating a professionally recorded and produced product is an extremely expensive task. By backing this project you will not only receive some fantastic rewards, but you will also ensure that our next album is the best sounding music we can possibly create. Our current goal is to raise just enough funds for the production and recording of a NEW 5 song EP. However if we are able to raise more than the $5,000 goal, we can potentially record more songs and possibly a full length album. This release will initially be available for download only, but we hope to offer a physical product as well later in the year. We are extremely thankful to have such loyal fans and we hope that together we will reach and exceed our goal so that we can provide you with lots of new CHARETTA music in 2013."

Help Charetta out by backing their Kickstarter Campaign!

Photo credit: Nick Rock Metal

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