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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday: IRON MAIDEN's Concert At The Rainbow With Paul Di'Anno On Vocals!

It is time for another "Throwback Thursday" video! This one is pretty damn legendary. Why? Well, it features IRON MAIDEN performing live at The Rainbow in 1981. As you can see below, the band featured Paul Di'Anno on vocals and not Bruce Dickinson. Di'Anno was one of the first singers of the band!

The band performed:

01. The Ides Of March
02. Wrathchild
03. Killers
04. Remember Tomorrow
05. Transylvania
06. Phantom Of The Opera
07. Iron Maiden 

- Paul Di'anno: Vocals
- Steve Harris: Bass
- Dave Murray: Guitar
- Adrian Smith: Guitar
- Clive Burr: Drums

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