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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Update On The Trial Of David Randall Blythe: A Fan Defends The LAMB OF GOD Frontman!

Yesterday (February 6), Metal Insider reported that David Randall Blythe was on his way home since his trial for manslaughter had been postponed until March 4. Well, in actuality the trial has not been officially
postponed yet. While Blythe's defense team asked for the trial to be postponed due to the fact that one witness fell ill and two criminal psychologists who were expected to testify were unable to attend this week, the court hasn't postponed the trial yet.

This is what happened today, Thursday, February 7:

According to WTVR.com, Lukas Havlena, a fan of the band who attended the concert in which the incident that ended up costing the life of Daniel Nosek took place, defended Randy's actions by saying that he did not think Blythe was aggressive that night, and that fans should realize any aggressive behavior displayed on stage is just part of the show.

Havlena told the court during today's testimony that he contacted Blythe's defense team after reading accounts of what other witnesses were saying during the trial.

Contrary to the way other witnesses described the atmosphere at the concert, Havlena said that each time somebody got on the stage, Blythe made it clear they weren't allowed there.

If the trial is postponed, Randy will be allowed to return to the U.S. until his trial resumes. He indicated in court that he would definitely return to Prague next month.

The parents of the alleged victim, Daniel Nosek, are demanding compensation of 10 million Czech Koruna (approximately $530,000).

Blythe was imprisoned for five weeks in the Czech Republic after being detained on June 27, 2012 when the Grammy-nominated, Richmond, Virginia-based band arrived there for a show.

The singer was freed without charge in August but had to post $400,000 bail, then left the country, vowing to return for the trial.

Additionally, according to a report by WVTR (read it HERE) there were a lot of different versions of the events that took place three years ago, presented by the witnesses on Tuesday, February 5 at the trial. This definitely helps Randy's case, since without solid statements or evidence it will be hard for the jury to make a final decision.

So this is good news for Randy, but it doesn't mean that his nightmare is over. Here is what Randy posted yesterday regarding the trial.

We will keep you posted once more detailed information is available.

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