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Friday, February 8, 2013

SLIPKNOT's Corey Taylor Updates Fans On The Bands Next Record!

For their millions of fans around the world, Slipknot are as much a culture and a way of life as they are a band. To completely engage with all of the perseverance, ingenuity, artistic integrity and holistic vision of Slipknot's creative output in all of its forms, is to fully embrace every facet, and to find community in counterculture and true strength in survival.

Needless to say, the "maggots" are impatiently waiting for a NEW SLIPKNOT album. And while most of the band is ready to get some songs recorded and released. The bands vocalist Corey Taylor is not ready yet. Here is Taylor's latest update:
"We're doing five shows this year, all overseas. But it's still not time yet. There's a lot of people in the band getting healthy and trying to stay healthy and I think by getting together and doing this handful of shows, that will encourage them, and that's important.

"It takes a long time to pull yourself out of where we were. We were all in really bad shape and really dark places and right now we just kind of realized, we don't want to be there anymore. You can visit it. You can tap into it. But you don't want to exist in it. That's not life. That's just sustaining pain. For me, I let that go a long time ago and now the rest of the guys in the band are seeing that as well.

"So, we're all just trying to be there for each other and I think we'll start working on new music by probably next year… just kind of throwing demos together, maybe start working on a new album at the end of next year or maybe 2015."
While we totally understand that it is not easy for SLIPKNOT to move on after losing their bassist Paul Gray in 2010, Taylor seems to have plenty of time to write music and to tour with STONE SOUR. So lets hope that Taylor commits to SLIPKNOT after STONE SOUR completes their current album cycle in 2015.

SLIPKNOT will be headlining the Download Festival on Friday 14 June 2013, marking the band’s second headline appearance following an explosive set in 2009. They join fellow headliners Iron Maiden on Saturday 15 June and Rammstein on Sunday 16 June.

Photo by: Damien Mitchell

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