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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mike IX Williams: 1st CORRECTIONS HOUSE Interview + Update On NEW EYEHATEGOD + Jail Poetry!!

Every time we get to chat with Mike IX Williams from EYEHATEGOD, he comes across as a very genuine, outrageous and artistic individual. He definitely does not follow a text book when it comes to his creative projects, and he never jumps into any project in which he can't bring in his unique vision.

His latest project, which he says it is not a project, is called CORRECTIONS HOUSE. The idea behind CORRECTIONS HOUSE is to create a sonic experience that is completely unpredictable. The bands music, which is impossible to categorize, mixes spoken word, guitar sounds, and plenty of sound escapes.

The group is currently trekking through the United States of Metal, so make sure you check them out.
On Monday, January 21, we were able to catch their first full concert ever at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, New York. Right after they were done delivering a very unique sonic experience to all those who attended, we had the chance to chat with Mike IX Williams about CORRECTIONS HOUSE, the NEW EYEHATEGOD record, and he even told us about this poetry book entitled "Cancer as a Social Activity" which he wrote mostly while in jail. Watch this exclusive interview, and support underground Metal!

CORRECTIONS HOUSE Winter Tour 2013 (remaining tour dates):
2/09/2013 Red 7 - Austin, TX

2/10/2013 Bryan Street Tavern - Dallas, TX
2/11/2013 Opolis – Norman, OK
2/13/2013 Slowdown - Omaha, NE
2/15/2013 Moon Room - Denver, CO


- Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod)
- Scott Kelly (Neurosis)
- Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium)
- Bruce Lamont (Yakuza)

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