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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

LAMB OF GOD: Randy's Trial Postponed, Find Out Why!

Wow! This just in via Metal Insider:

"Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe is on his way back to America, as his manslaughter trial has been delayed. According to WTVR, Blythe’s defense team asked for a delay because a key witness was sick, and they want the witness to testify in person. One more witness is slated to testify tomorrow, then the trial will be resume on March 4. Blythe indicated to the court that he’ll be back in Prague when the trial resumes."

This might be an indicator that Randy is innocent and that no strong evidence has been found during the trial that has the Heavy Music world on the edge of their sits. Usually during any criminal trial, if there is strong evidence against the accused person, in this case Randy, the court won't postpone the trial for such a long period of time and if they do, they will keep the person in custody until the trial resumes. Specially if the person is being accused of manslaughter.

Additionally, according to a report by WVTR (read it HERE) there were a lot of different versions
of the events that took place three years ago, presented by the witnesses yesterday (February 5) at the trial. This definitely helps Randy's case, since without solid statements or evidence it will be hard for the jury to make a final decision.

So this is good news for Randy, but it doesn't mean that his nightmare is over. Here is what Randy posted yesterday regarding the trial.

We will keep you posted once more detailed information is available.

Photo by:
Zulie Alvarez

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