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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NYC ROCKS Documentary Demonstrates What Unity Through Music Really Means!

Damian Kolidy, an active member of the New York Heavy Music scene, had the brilliant idea of creating a TV pilot entitled 'NYC ROCKS'. What started as a program that showcased the current state of the New York City Rock scene, ended up being a program showcasing the unity that still prevails within the local scene of the city that never stops rocking. Here is what Damian had to say about this very ambitious project.

"This project came about as a result of the noticeable lack of TV content geared towards the rock/metal/punk audience, a genre of music I find quite vital and interesting. I've always enjoyed all the rock music documentaries, but more often than not they are all looking towards a point in the past, of how things once were, and I thought why not do something that's contemporary and covers the current rock scene? A year later, we have the experimental pilot season of 'NYC ROCKS'." 

So how exactly did the project get twisted around? Well, as reported HERE some scumbag thought it would be OK to steal a bunch of valuables (including Damian's professional camera) during a Wendigo Productions concert at Irving Plaza in New York City. Little did he know that he declared "war" on the entire NYC Rock community. Did he get caught? Absolutely! Was the NYPD impressed at the ability of the "detective" work that the entire community did? Hellyeah! We all basically helped them find a scumbag that shall remain nameless. And regardless of what the courts decide to do to him, his punishment is already hurting him: no Rock concerts for him ever again in New York City! Ouch!

Anyhow, support 'NYC ROCKS'
by donating to their Kickstarter campaign and help turn this web program into something massive! Now watch the episodes that showcase how the unity of the NYC Rock scene ended up with the arrest of the Irving Plaza thief:

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