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Friday, April 19, 2013

Phil Anselmo: Record Store Day & The Comeback Of Vinyl Records; DOWN's US Tour Begins Soon!

Earlier this week, Forbes Magazine (Forbes.com) posted an in-depth piece on the comeback of vinyl and Record Store Day, written by Tim Clark. In a time where people are quick to label the current state of the music industry as "failing" or "experiencing a downfall", Tim Clark points out that the independent record store experience illustrates otherwise.

Ex-Pantera and current DOWN vocalist and Housecore Records CEO Philip H. Anselmo was interviewed for the piece, and gave his personal thoughts on the rise in record store activity and how it supports growth in the music business and community. As one of the leading voices of the recent indie label and independent music takeover, Forbes looked to Anselmo has a voice of authority.

From Forbes piece: "When he was younger, Anselmo used to constantly scour underground record stores and to this day still believes in the vinyl format."

"Record Store Day promotes this type of passion of having the actual product in your hand instead of just a download", said Anselmo. "I love having the full album, art, lyrics and I think vinyl sounds better. And as a label owner, it makes me happy to see that people slowly but surely want to have this tangible copy in their hands instead of a free [expletive] download, which is driving me [expletive] bananas."

Record Store Day is now celebrated on the third Saturday every April is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Which means that Record Store Day is TOMORROW! Forbes calls Record Store Day, "an industry phenomenon".

To read the full article, visit this direct location

DOWN's upcoming tour dates:
- May.23.2013: Birmingham, AL, Zydeco
- May.24.2013: Raleigh, NC, Lincoln Theater
- May.25.2013: Baltimore, MD, Sonar/Maryland Deathfest
- May.27.2013: August, GA, Sky City
- May.28.2013: Nashville, TN, Marathon Music Works
- May.30.2013: Broussard, LA, The Station
- May.31.2013: New
Orleans, LA, House of Blues
- June.14.2013: Donnington, UK, Download Festival
- June.15.2013: Copenhagen, Denmark, Copenhell
- June.16.2013: Törnävänsaari, Seinäjoki, Finland, Provinssirock
- June.18.2013: Moscow, Russia, Moscow Arena
- June.20.2013: Jaworzno, Poland, Metalfest Poland
- June.21.2013: St. Goarshausen, Germany, Metalfest Germany
- June.22.2013: Clisson, France, Hellfest
- June.24.2013: Ljubljana, Slovenia, Kino Soska
- June.25.2013: Zagreb, Croatia, Culture Factory
- June.27.2013: Tisza Kemping, Tokaj-Rakamaz, Rakamaz, Hungary, Borsodi Hegyalja Fesztival
- July.1.2013: Athens, Greece, Rock Gods

HERE is an extensive gallery of DOWN's recent concert in New York City!

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