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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vinnie STIGMA: 'For Love & Glory' CD Release Show, Hardcore Culture & The Future Of AGNOSTIC FRONT!

Hardcore ambassador Vinnie Stigma (the Tony Iommi of Hardcore), recently released the follow up to 'New York Blood'. Entitled 'For Love & Glory', the NEW Stigma contains more Punk Rock elements than their previous effort.

On Sunday March 3, STIGMA presented his second solo album 'For Love & Glory' at Bowery Electric in New York City. The show was presented by Black N Blue Productions and also featured NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE (who celebrated their 15th anniversary), TWO MAN ADVANTAGE, BRAIN SLUG, ABJECT and NO DICE.

Right after STIGMA conquered the ear drums of a very energetic audience, we chatted with Vinnie about the CD release show for his NEW solo album. We also discussed the production process behind 'For Blood & Glory', Hardcore culture, and the future of AGNOSTIC FRONT! If you know Vinnie, you know his interviews are legendary. This one is no exception!

Watch the video for "Don't Lose Faith" HERE!

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