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Monday, April 15, 2013

Chi Cheng's Final Blog Before The Tragic Accident That Ended His Life

As announced over the weekend, former DEFTONES bassist Chi Cheng died on Saturday morning at 3 AM in a Sacramento, CA hospital. As previously reported, Chi was in a tragic car accident on November 4, 2008. As a result, he suffered some very serious brain injuries. Ever since the accident Chi was in a state of semi-consciousness after suffering severe TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

has just posted Chi's very final blog entries that he posted on the DEFTONES blog before his accident. Here is te very last blog entry from Chi. Read on...

TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 2008: Cheng Checks In

"Hello Campers,

I've been on a personal hiatus and I apologize fer my absence. We've been locked into the studio as you know and are finishing the drum tracks on a song tentatively called "Trempest." Its heavy as fuck with a shitload of groove 'n even though its been driving me crazy as it runs through my insomniatic brain, I am really excited! I always say this shit but I truly believe this album to be well worth the wait and appreciate all your support and kind loyalty. The idea of finishing the album and getting out to play in front of y'all is a nice light at the end of my tunnel. We intend to tour extensively so don't fret. On a person note, I've been holding up 'n out. Went to a tattoo convention to support my boys at hard luck and many many other friends. If your wondering "does he always have more tattoo's than last time I saw him?" - yes, I do. I want to thank anyone who has gotten a tone tat and say it is amazingly flattering. I have finished reading Matt Ruffs "Bad Monkey" and am reading Thomas Pynchons "V-A" book on the history of civilization, and some more Buddhist literature. Took my son to see Iron Man and really enjoyed it. Hit an "X" dead center at 50 yards with my sig pistol. Clean my house, work on music and a little writing and lovin' on Colleen, Gabe and the dogs. Hope to see you all very soon!

My deepest respect as always

- Chi

P.S. I will now throw the band under the bus and let you know that we are all online playing full tilt poker for fake money. I go by "chetcheng," Chino goes by "chinote," Stef goes by "dodoubleg," and I think and frank is "fmdee." Abe doesn't play games, sorry. If you feel so inclined come 'n see if you can take our money."

Read the rest of Chi's blog entries HERE!

Our condolences go out to Chi's family, friends and all of the DEFTONES fans.
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