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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

KREATOR Reveal Title For NEW DVD/Blu-Ray & Want Their Fans Involved!

Legendary German Thrashers KREATOR have announced that their upcoming concert DVD/Blu-ray is entitled 'Dying Alive' and that it will be released later this year.

And guess what? The band wants their fans to be involved:


"Be part of the upcoming KREATOR-live-release 'Dying Alive'!
We're currently working on the release of the upcoming DVD/Blu Ray 'Dying Alive'. Therefore the band requests your photos of you and your buddies attending a KREATOR live show.

"E-Mail us your coolest picture showing you and your friends at a KREATOR live show and/or sporting some KREATOR gear! We count on YOU!"


The deadline for your submissions is next Monday, June 3, 2013!

Surf to www.kreator-dying-alive.com and become a part of the KREATOR history!

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