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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NEW "DIMEBAG DARRELL: Riffer Madness" Instructional DVD Is Available Now!

The "DIMEBAG DARRELL: Riffer Madness" DVD has been unleashed! Here is the description from
Alfred Music Publishing, the publication to blame for this awesome release!

"This long-awaited DVD tribute to the godfather of modern Metal is finally here. Based on Dime's best-selling instructional book, 'Riffer Madness', this DVD is hosted by Dime's co-writer, good friend, and protege, Metal maestro Nick Bowcott. It features long lost one-on-one special footage of Dime teaching some of his most classic licks. Nick Bowcott helps pass Dime's torch to the next generation. He takes 97 of Dime's critical riffs and patterns and uses them as a jumping-off point to help young guitarists play their favorite guitar parts and, more importantly, understand the creativity, attitude, feeling, and intention underlying each pattern. Nick also covers killer rhythm guitar, power grooves and pick squeals, psychotic syncopation, holes of silence, chromatics, diabolical dyads, and much more! The DVD includes printable PDF TAB, an exclusive interview with Dime's wife, Rita Haney, and two long lost lessons filmed by Dime."

Click HERE to pick up the NEW "DIMEBAG DARRELL: Riffer Madness" DVD

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