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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SLIPKNOT Is Ready To Get Back On Top In 2014; Corey Taylor Is Finally Ready!

Up until now, the musical future of SLIPKNOT was very opaque. Today (May 29), we have good news regarding the future of the band! Corey Taylor is ready to rejoin the "KNOT" and to start jamming with the rest of the band. As you probably know, the rest of the band has been waiting for Taylor to get back on board the SLIPKNOT machine.

During a recent interview with the Pulse of Radio, Taylor said that the band is likely to return to the studio next year.

"I know everybody is pretty keen on getting together and seeing what happens next year, so I mean, if it takes us a year to write an album, so be it," he said. "The main goal is to just get us in the room and just see what happens, you know. If we can get past that first day, I think it'll come together. Now that we're all kind of in better places in our lives and whatnot, it's making it a little easier to be excited about it again. It's just starting to feel like it's time."

We recently chatted with 3/8th's of SLIPKNOT about the future of the band. Watch these interviews below.

Photo by: Damien Mitchell

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