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Friday, May 31, 2013

Watch the GWAR-B-Q commercial, then fire up you grill!

GWAR has released the official commercial line-up for the 2013 GWAR-B-Q, which will take place at Hadad's Water Park in Richmond, VA. The event is scheduled to take place Saturday August 17th, 2013

This year sees the event entering its fourth consecutive year while offering its most bone-crushing line-up yet, setting the stage for what will certainly be the most massive GWAR-B-Q in the history of the human or any other race!

For more information be sure to visit: http://gwarbq.com.

In other Slave Pit news GWAR is wrapping up a NEW album, their 13th, which is the band's first since the passing of longtime guitarist Cory Smoot in late 2011. Coming out later this year, the album features the debut of Pustulus Maximus, cousin of the mighty departed one, Flattus Maximus. The band is currently crushing stages with Warbeast and Wilson. Catch them if you dare!

Make sure to keep up with Oderus' latest incoherent rants and raves on "The Mad Minute" with Full Metal Jackie. Listen to the latest installment and check out recent "Mad Minutes" at Full Metal Jackie Radio.com

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