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Monday, May 21, 2012

ALL SHALL PERISH Cracks The Whip On Illegal Downloaders; Lawsuit Announced!

In an age in which musicians from all walks of life are struggling to make a living, cracking the whip on illegal downloaders is becoming the norm. By now we all know that illegal downloading is in big part to blame for the decline of the music industry and that music executives have been fighting this never-ending war!

In an unprecedented move, a lawsuit has been filed on the behalf of ALL SHALL PERISH by World Digital Rights, an apparent copyright licensing company who Nuclear Blast Records are said to have signed over the bands rights to. The band is currently on their album cycle for 'This Is Where It Ends' (available now).

According to a NEW article at TorrentFreak.com, Downey and the band are continuing in their attempts to have the suit dropped. Some words from Downey on the matter can be found at the aforementioned link.

The band themselves, along with their manager Ryan Downey have adamantly claimed that they are not involved with the proceedings and have apparently requested numerous times that the suit be dropped. This is what Downey, the band's manager, had to say about this matter.

“The band’s attorney made it clear to the licensing people [at Nuclear Blast Records] that the band wanted no part in lawsuits against fans. The industry is changing, illegal downloading is troublesome for bands and of course, for record labels, but whatever the solution will be – streaming, subscription, Kickstarter, new ways of looking at it entirely, whatever comes about – the band and I are in agreement (as is their lawyer) that SUING MUSIC FANS SURE ISN’T IT,” Downey told TorrentFreak.

But of course, when this story broke last month Nuclear Blast were already aware that the band didn’t support suing fans yet either couldn’t or wouldn’t stop World Digital Rights persisting with the lawsuit. Clearly the band’s protests needed underlining.

“The licensing folks at Nuclear Blast in Germany took all of this to mean we wanted them to prevent World Digital Rights from pursuing any new actions / claims. I don’t know how we could have been more clear, but, we emphasized again, after receiving your email and being made aware of these new developments, that what we were saying all along was DISMISS ANY AND ALL LAWSUITS AGAINST ALL SHALL PERISH FANS,” Downey told us.

Then this week there appeared to be a breakthrough.

“We were informed [Wednesday] by Nuclear Blast that they would tell World Digital to dismiss all of this. Furthermore, we have pressed (yet again) to ensure the copyright registration returns to the band as owners of all recordings, as nobody else had the right to register the band’s copyrights as World Digital seems to have either done or attempted at some point.”

Stay tuned to see what happens next!

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