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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Australia's DROP TANK Offers Listeners A NEW Musical Vision - Find Out Why!

Drop Tank is an Australian band that is fired up with high energy songs that are born out of instrumental jams in the mad, dilapidated world of the crumbling building were the bands headquarters are located. Their songs offer the listener and organic experience, in which there is no second guessing on how the band  is suppose to sound. According to Zebidy Tank, the main songwriter: "I think this keeps us sounding more connected to the initial frantic energy that spawns when we get in the rehearsal room".

We recently had the chance to chat with Zebidy about her musical vision behind Drop Tank, a band that the music world better keep their eyes set on.

Horns Up Rocks: First of all, tell us about the formation of Drop Tank? Take us into a time-line from the day the band was formed, until present time.

Zebidy Tank: "Drop Tank is a heavy Rock N' Roll band from Sydney, Australia, fronted by me (Zebidy Tank). I formed Drop Tank in late 2008 and pieced together a band in the warehouse district of Marrickville, where the warehouse's noise zoning code could double as a Rock band friendly zone, and a living space. I sing and play guitar in the band… to date we have released 3 EPs."

HUR: How did growing up in Australia influence the band as a whole?

ZT: "Well Australia is fairly isolated compared to the rest of the world so we are usually left up to our own devices. This definitely had an influence on the music… perhaps its more raw or rough sounding like the wilderness here."

HUR: What do you think sets apart your EP 'Domina'?

ZT: "The vocals and the speed of the songs. It is not trying to consciously sound like anyone else or trying to fit in to what is trendy or relevant "now". Really, the guitar writes the songs and with us usually over thought ideas are not good ideas. We like to add a good chunk of guitar solos too."

HUR: Tell us about the production process of your NEW EP.

ZT: "'Domina" is a collection of recordings from our warehouse days. The process was pretty standard: drums first, guitars, bass and then vocal tracking… then mixing and mastering. I did vocals in my bedroom with a mattress over the window as it worked as it was more relaxing and this help me capture a better delivery and vibe."

HUR: Which artists influenced the overall sound of Drop Tank?

ZT: "The heavy Rock spectrum from Pop Rock to Metal. Also 70s Rock, 80s Metal and 90's Punk. We like bands like AC/DC, Motörhead, Slayer… anything fast and fun. I also adore the Melvins, Fantomas etc. Oh, and Rampage! A Thrash Metal band from Australia is one of my favorite bands, because they know how to make Heavy Music fun."

HUR: Any touring plans?

ZT: "Hopefully this summer."

HUR:What message do you have for the present and future fans of Drop Tank?

ZT: "Support you local live music scene!"

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