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Friday, May 25, 2012

MADBALL Complete Work On Their NEW EP 'Rebellion'!

It is no secret or surprise that as soon as Madball steps on any stage, the crowd goes ape shit. The NYHC legends ALWAYS performs a devastating set that makes the whole floor shaking like an earthquake, a hurricane, and a monsoon, all mixed into one. The hungry Hardcore "kids" know that the real deal Hardcore that has been Madball's trademark since 1988, still has plenty of creative juices left.

As previously reported, Freddy Cricien and company are releasing a NEW EP this year! Entitled 'Rebellion', the band rejoined forces with producer Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL) and laid down the law at Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida. The EP will be released through The BNB Label, a brand extension of frontman Freddy’s Black N Blue Productions group.

'Rebellion' marks the first Madball recording with drummer Mike Justian (ex-UNEARTH & THE RED CHORD), who took over the drum throne following the departure of Jay Weinberg (who recorded Madball's latest recording 'Empire').

Some of the song titles are:

- Ball Of Destruction (re-recording)
- Reap What You Sow
- The Beast
- Rebellion
- My Blood

Stay tuned for more information about Madball!

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