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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Japan's DIR EN GREY To Stream "UROBOROS at Budokan The Movie" - Details Inside!

'UROBOROS', the 7th album by internationally acclaimed Japanese Rock band DIR EN GREY was brought to life in the legendary 2 Days show at the Nippon Budokan on January 9 and 10 of 2010. Now, previously released in Japanese theaters alone, fans will be able to experience this seminal concert through the USTREAM broadcast of "DIR EN GREY UROBOROS at BUDOKAN The MOVIE" .

Click here to watch Dir En Grey on UStream

In other DIR EN GREY news, Kyo (Vo) under orders to stop all vocal activity after being diagnosed with vocal nodules-induced dysphonia, the band was faced with the abrupt cancellation of their USA tour scheduled for March - April 2012 with no time table for their return to the music scene. Amidst this unexpected hiatus there were calls from many fans that wanted a chance to see the "UROBOROS at BUDOKAN" documentary. In response to this the idea of a worldwide streaming was born.

DIR EN GREY has been seen as an uncategorizable charismatic Rock band, and remained hidden behind that veil for much or their career. This documentary offered a unique glimpse at the band members in their raw state, and was initially planned as a limited theater only release. Now it will be shown once more through USTREAM. One of the main characteristics of USTREAMS is the ability for viewers to communicate with each other in real time during a live stream. This will allow fans across the world to gather and enjoy the film in a different way than a theater presentation. Having passionate DIR EN GREY fans across the world, fan communication during the broadcast is expected to be a highlight and make it a unique experience. The legend of UROBOROS lives on, opening a new chapter as it descends upon USTREAM.

- Broadcast schedule:


- 5/27(Sun): 14:00
- 5/27(Sun): 22:00
- 5/28(Mon): 6:00

- World-wide schedule (note- times will be based on Japan, Tokyo local time. Schedule below should be used as reference only)


- 5/27 (Sun): 1:00
- 5/27 (Sun): 9:00
- 5/27 (Sun): 17:00


- 5/26 (Sat): 22:00
- 5/27 (Sun): 6:00
- 5/27 (Sun): 14:00


- 5/27 (Sun): 6:00
- 5/27 (Sun): 14:00
- 5/27 (Sun): 22:00

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