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Monday, October 8, 2012

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY To Bring SOULFLY Bassist Tony Campos With Them To South America!

As previously reported, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY is coming for South American this November! After an extensive run with SOULFLY, CC's Max Cavalera and Marc Rizzo are ready to rejoin forces with Iggor Cavalera.

Ok, but who will be on bass during this historical tour? Ready? TONY CAMPOS!!! Enough said!

- Nov 1: Mexico City, Mexico

- Nov 3: Guadalajara, Mexico
- Nov 6: Asuncion, Paraguay
- Nov 8: Buenos Aires, Argentina
- Nov 10: Santiago, Chile
- Nov 12: Bogota, Colombia
- Nov 15: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
- Nov 16: Belo Horizonte, Brasil
- Nov 17: Sao Paulo, Brasil
- Nov 18: Curitiba, Brasil

"You better all get health insurance for your broken bones from the pit!!!"

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