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Saturday, October 13, 2012

MANOWAR's Two Concerts In Spain Back ON After Being Cancelled - Official Statement Available!

Yesterday we reported that MANOWAR's concerts in Barcelona and Madrid (Spain) were cancelled due to "technical" issues. Well, the two concerts are back on! The band has issued the following update:

"Magic Circle Management and MANOWAR are pleased to announce that, after working through the whole night with the very best interests of the fans at heart, all of the technical issues were solved regarding the shows in Barcelona and Madrid so now the shows will happen as originally planned.

"The faith of the faithful will be rewarded.

"Doors in Barcelona opens at 8:00 PM, show starts at 9:30 PM.

"Doors in Madrid opens at 7:00 PM, show starts at 8:30 PM."

Commented MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio: "You really know what people are made of during times of trouble. Our true fans once again triumphed and showed the world who really believes in true Metal.

"We intend to play two very special shows for those who stood tall through this crisis with us and to those who did not, we all say Hail, Kill And Die."

As previously reported, MANOWAR' twelfth studio album 'The Lord Of Steel' is available now in most of the world!

'The Lord Of Steel' was mixed and mastered at Wisseloord Studios in the Netherlands with the help of mixing engineer Ronald Prent and Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer Darcy Proper. Some of the track titles are "Annihilation" and "Hail, Kill And Die!"

If there is difference between MANOWAR's 2007 release 'Gods Of War' and this new album, is that 'The Lord Of Steel' is not a concept album, yet each song tells a different story, retaining the MANOWAR vision of righteousness, honor and everything MANOWAR fans have come to know and love.

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