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Monday, October 22, 2012

PANTERA: Zakk Wylde Would Be 'Beyond Honored' To Perform In A "Reunion"!

      Photo credit: Tomorrow's Productions

Recently, Mitch Lafon of Pure Grain Audio conducted an interview with Zakk Wylde (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, OZZY OSBOURNE) at Le Métropolis in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Wylde was asked about a PANTERA "reunion", of course, and here is what he had to say about it:

"I'm friends with all the [former PANTERA members]. Phil [Anselmo, former PANTERA singer] called me up when they did that 'Metal Masters' thing. [A guy] who does security with us, he came over and said, 'Phil just wanted to say 'Hey.' He wanted to give you a call.' So I said, 'Yeah, tell Phil to call me whenever he wants.' So I got on the phone with Phil and I was just shooting the shit with him. He goes, 'Zakk, everyone thinks there's a rift [between us].' I said, 'Phil, I get along with everybody.' He said, 'I wish I could talk with Vin [former PANTERA drummer and Dimebag's brother, Vinnie Paul Abbott]' and this and that. So I said, 'Dude, just pour your heart out and talk to him.'"

He added, "It's up to the guys [if they ever want to play together again]. Put it this way: If they were, like, 'We're gonna do this and they asked me to play Dime's guitar parts, I'd be honored. I was a pallbearer for him, so he was my brother, man. And I know if he was on the side of the stage watching me play, he'd be laughing his balls off — that's just a fact. He'd go, 'Hey, jackass, you missed a couple of notes over here. You botched this one up,' or whatever. He'd love every second of it. But, of course, I'd be beyond honored to do that; why wouldn't I? But that's a call the guys [have to] make."

This is what Anselmo had to say regarding a potential PANTERA jam session withe Wylde on guitar: "Absolutely. That whole thing was taken way out of context. All that happened was Zakk and I spoke and what it was about was just a personal issue between he and I that was worked out quickly and easily. We were cozy as kittens after that, and we just shot the shit. And honestly? The whole PANTERA thing did not come up at all. Whoever interviewed me, and I fuckin' forget the whole thing, but it was taken out of context because we didn't even talk about PANTERA reuniting or anything like that. Matter of fact, we talked about relations and mutual friends and just honestly everybody getting along and that's really all we talked about."

It is pretty obvious that Anselmo reached out to Wylde in order to patch things up with Vinnie Paul, and not to line up a PANTERA "reunion".

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