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Friday, December 7, 2012

ARCH ENEMY Release Message For Their Latino Fans!

South and Latin America are quickly becoming one of the most powerful markets in the world when it comes to Heavy Music! ARCH ENEMY is currently spreading their destructive furious Heavy Metal to 1000s of hungry Latinos. Recently, they demolished South and Latin America. Here is what the band had to say after their last show in Mexico City, before their previously announced temporary hiatus. Read more about that HERE!

"Thank you so much, Mexico City - again! It's been a blast.. really enjoyed it tonight!!! Strange to play songs like 'Web Of Lies' live.. feels like playing a new track, haha.. Now we have to leave the sunny side of this planet and head towards the snow covered hills of Scandinavia. Thank you Latin and South America for the passion, the love, the chants and the sun :-) You rocked our world for the last 3 weeks!!!"

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