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Friday, December 7, 2012

Riki Rachtman Comments On The 20 Year Anniversary Of MEGADETH's 'Countdown to Extinction'

As we all know, or should know, MEGADETH is celebrating 20 years since the release of their 'Countdown To Extinction' album while on a worldwide tour. The celebration of the recording of their groundbreaking album continues!

Former MTV Headbangers Ball host Riki Rachtman commented on the bands accomplishment:

"20 year anniversary of Megadeths Countdown to Extinction... The feud I had with Dave on MTV was one of the best (video available below). Of course we really did get along real well. Used to skydive together. BUT Last time I saw him he was a total dick. Bummed me out. Ya know how good a band Megadeth is. So good that even though Dave was an asshole last time I saw him I can still listen to the old records because they are just that fkn good!"

Video footage of MEGADETH's historic "Countdown To Extinction" performance in Bogota, Colombia can be seen below.

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1 comment:

Riki Rachtman said...

Loved that you put all that together I had no idea there were that many clips. Here is what was not known. This entire time I was actually friends with Dave. I went to a very small wedding reception of his. We went skydiving several times, surfed in Brazil and if the guy despised me that much why the hell would they play an unannounced show at my club the Cathouse. Hey I'm an easy guy to hate I know that but the feud was really on camera UNTIL:
He went on stage saying I should die. I went on TV and called him out ( not in a fighting type way. I know Dave could kick my ass) I thought he had gone 2 far and I was sick of him treating me one way on camera and another off He went on camera and said that we were friends and apologized.
If you ask Dave he would admit we were friends and the feud was just something he was having fun with.
That being said I went to one of his concerts 10 years ago. I had not seen Dave for a long time. He turned to me and said "Oh Hello Riki" in the total Dave smirk. He then turned the other way. I thought he was a total dick but I gave it no thought at all. . I really don't give a flying fuck.
The point I was trying to prove is, Even though Mustaine can be such an ass. Megadeth is so fucking good that even though he pisses me off I still listen to it