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Thursday, December 6, 2012

How Randy Rhoads Revolutionized The Face Of Heavy Music! #LegendsNeverDie

Randy Rhoads would have celebrated his 56th birthday today (December 6, 2012). Rhoads was born on December 6, 1956 at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California. He was the youngest of three children. His older brother, Doug, is a drummer and vocalist who also arrange classical compositions, who goes by the name of Kelle Rhoads. His sister's name is Kathy.

Rhoads can be blamed for being not a only a phenomenal musician, but also a true innovator when it came to music writing. His guitar skills with early Quiet Riot and obviously with Ozzy Osbourne, revolutionized Heavy Music music forever. His angelic face, blonde hair, and his amazing personality, will be remembered forever!

Today, 30 years after his death, his musical style and songwriting skills remain unmatched. Rhoads has influenced thousands of musicians worldwide, some of these musicians are: the late great Dimebag Darrell Abbott (Pantera & Damageplan), Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society, and many more!

His tragic death is still mourned by the Heavy Music world. On March 19, 1982, Rhoads was on board a little plane while on tour with Ozzy, when all of a sudden the plane clipped into the side of Ozzy's tour bus. Next thing you know, the plane crashed into a mansion garage in Leesburg, Florida. Rhoads died immediately from the impact!

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