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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Former CRO MAGS bassist Harley Flanagan before returning to court: "I can't believe I'm even getting charged at all"

On Friday, July 6, the CBGB Fest show that took place at New York City's Webster Hall was cancelled after two current members of the CRO MAGS were allegedly stabbed by Harley Flanagan (the founding member of the CRO MAGS). The incident occurred right after VISION OF DISORDER's set!

As seen on the NY Post: Around 8:15 PM, while the CRO MAGS were getting ready to take the stage, Harley Flanagan, 42, made his way into the venue’s VIP section toward the bands dressing room, sending nearly 30 guests on the balcony into a frenzy, law enforcement sources and witnesses said.

This Wednesday, December 5, Flanagan returns to court regarding the stabbing incident mentioned above, and he is obviously frustrated. Here is a Facebook post he did today (December 2), in which he lashes out at the current CRO MAGS members and the New York Hard Core community:

"In 4 days I go back to court for putting the cowards in the hospital who jumped me at that fake Cro-Mags show at that fake CBGB's fest. Lmfao.

"I can't believe I'm even getting charged at all, John Bloodclot should be embarrassed and ashamed that he even chills with wanna be thugs and fake tough guys... if he's not I am for him. LOL. I saw Mackie a few weeks ago and he said: "I told John he should have had you come up and play a few songs, then none of that shit would have happened". He even went on to say that they obviously knew what they were in for... that's why they set me up and jumped on me cause they knew I was no joke, and I ain't no punk. He also added that the fact that I went their Alone says a lot...

"That's right, it says it All!

"What a sad state of affairs... a real motherfucker who started NYHC getting jumped by people who wish they did. LOL. Fucking sheep and cowards jumping people at shows, and getting themselves fucked up. LOL. Gangs are for people who lack balls on their own.

"NYHC today: Old guys pretending their still young trying to squeeze a few bucks out of what's left of it, and young guys who wish they were old school. LOL.

"I roll with the Gracies, I chill with my kids, and I started the shit other motherfuckers still imitate.
"I am real, so go on take another bite.

"While the frauds are pretending, I'm keeping it really real."

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