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Friday, March 22, 2013

IKILLYA Need Your Help Producing Their NEW Album - Details Available!

Ever since our inception in early 2010, we have come across a lot of great bands within New York City Underground Heavy Music Scene. One band that is contributing to the growth of the scene by always delivering the goods is IKILLYA. Fronted by vocalist Jason Lekberg, the bands debut album "Recon" offers listeners a fresh sounding groove machine full of furious well polished songs.

Guess what? It is time for album number two! The album will be called 'Vae Victis' and you can help make it happen for this group of hard working musicians. The band has setup an Indiegogo campaign since they are a self funded band and producing a solid album costs a lot of money! Here is a collective statement from the band regarding their campaign:

"Hello friends. After much discussion and debate, we've decided to set this campaign up to help fund our upcoming album "Vae Victis" and the marketing around it. We're honored to have so many people who have given our band a chance over the past years and we're hoping that some of you will be interested in investing in our NEW album, or at the very least, pre-ordering it. We've put together a set of packages that we hope deliver real value as making sure those interested in supporting us are treated fairly is our prime concern.  If you'd like to invest in something you don't see here, please just let us know." - IKILLYA

More info about what you get by helping IKILLYA HERE!

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