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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Watch ADRENALINE MOB Tracking Their Cover Of HEART's "Barracuda"

World-renowned ADRENALINE MOB drummer Mike Portnoy comments on the bands decision to cover HEART's classic song "Barracuda" on his bands NEW cover album 'Coverta' (available now):

“I picked this track. I always thought this was a killer song and would make for a great modern-Metal update. I produced a demo for my wife's old Thrash band Meanstreak back in the early 90's and they covered this but it was never released, so I thought it would be great one for us to Mob-up! There's very few male singers that could tackle Ann Wilson's incredible vocal range, but I had a hunch Russell would kill it and sure enough, he did!”

Here is video footage of ADRENALINE MOB tracking "Barracuda", courtesy of Loudwire

The tracks on Coverta are:

1-High Wire- Badlands
2- Stand Up and Shout- Dio
3- Break on Through- The Doors
4- Romeo Delight- Van Halen
5- Barracuda- Heart
6- Kill the King- Rainbow
7- The Lemon Song- Led Zeppelin
8- The Mob Rules- Black Sabbat

ADRENALINE MOB is: Russell Allen (Symphony X), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), and Mike Orlando (Sonic Stomp) 

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