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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DEEP PURPLE Reveal Album Cover & Track Listing For 'Now What?!'

NOW What ?! is produced by Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Kiss, Alice Cooper).

NOW What ?! is Deep Purple’s 19th studio album. It was recorded in Nashville, TN and combines a fresh and modern production with the original spirit of 70s Deep Purple. “Perfect Strangers meets Made in Japan”

NOW What ?! is the name of the tour that will bring Deep Purple all over the world.

NOW What ?! follows the release of  “All The Time In The World” and “Hell To Pay”. A ballad and a classic Purple rocker. Two of the many faces to discover on the articulate and inspired new studio album. Available on all digital service providers April 2nd

NOW What ?!  features 11 songs:

1 . A SIMple sOng

2 . WeiRDistAN

3. OUt of HANd

4 . HELL to Pay

5 . BOdyLinE

6 . AbOVe aNd bEYOND

7. BLOod froM a StoNe

8 . UNcomMon MaN

9. aprÈS VOus

1 0. ALL the tiME in thE WORld

11. VinceNt PRiCE

NOW What ?!  will also be released in a limited quantity with a bonus track and a bonus DVD featuring Deep Purple in conversation plus additional audio material.

NOW What ?!  will on top be released as double vinyl LP containing 11 tracks plus bonus track, as in the limited edition CD.

Stay tuned for more DEEP PURPLE news!

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