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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Members Of SHADOWS FALL & KILLSWITCH ENGAGE To Release NEW EP Entitled 'Get Lost Or Get Dead'

What happens when members of SHADOWS FALL and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE get some free time? They create a NEW band called DEATH RAY VISION. The band, which features Brian Fair from SHADOWS FALL on vocals and Mike D'Antonio from KILLSWITCH ENGAGE on bass, have a NEW EP called 'Get Lost Or Get Dead'. The bands debut EP will be released on May 14 on vinyl and digital via BulletTooth records. 

These veterans of the Boston Metal scene play a raw brand of Metallic Hardcore that recaptures the energy of their old school Hardcore roots infused with all they have learned and experienced as musicians over the past decade. The songs are short blasts of energy and intensity built on Thrash Metal rhythms and chugging guitar riffs. DEATH RAY VISION recalls the insanity of the old Hardcore days while remaining focused on destroying the future.

Brian Fair - Vocals
Mike D'Antonio - Bass
Pete Cortese - Guitar
Zack Wells - Guitar
Colin Conway - Drums

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