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Monday, March 18, 2013

Van Halen Celebrate 15th Anniversary Of ‘III’ By Premiering A Previously Unreleased Song!

This week marks the fifteenth anniversary of Van Halen 'III', the only Van Halen album with Gary Cherone at the vocal helm. The album was released in the U.S. on 03/17/98 and in Japan about a week earlier. It was certified gold on 08/19/98. Over 550,000 copies have been sold in the U.S.

The cover was picked by Alex, who considered it extremely funny. Mike Post was picked by Gary to produce the album. He was brought in to oversee recording in April 1997, and on 09/30/97 the album was done.

Eddie used dozens of guitars on this album, testing hundreds of ways to record them. He also tried out his new 5150 II prototype amps for the album.

Track listing:

- Neworld
- Without You
- One I Want
- From Afar
- Dirty Water Dog
- Once
- Fire in the Hole
- Josephina
- Year to the Day
- Primary
- Ballot or the Bullet
- How Many Say I

'III' is the only Van Halen album in which a fully recorded unreleased song leaked to the public. In the months following the album’s release, some advance copies of the album leaked to the public and are now in the hands of collectors. These discs, which were made for Warner Bros personnel only, were identical to the released version except for one thing: the track “Josephina” was missing, and in it’s place was the unreleased song ”That’s Why I Love You”.

You can listen to the previously unreleased song here:

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