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Saturday, March 23, 2013

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Reveal Cover For Massive Music Collection 'The Complete Works'!

Announcing news that will move entire nations. The incredibly long-overdue vinyl worship session of every bit of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD's music one could ever ask for. That's right. A STRAPPING YOUNG LAD 7xLP Box Set Discography. This monstrous limited edition 7xLP box set is called 'The Complete Works' and contains:

- All five Strapping Young Lad full-lengths
- Extra vinyl dedicated to the band's non-album material
- Other special, newly-created gifts [yet to be announced].

The genre-busting Canadian industrial/death band has never seen their seminal albums 'Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing', 'SYL', nor 'The New Black' touch wax before. Their other two records, 'City' and 'Alien', were pressed in ultra limited numbers of 500 copies only and sold out within months of their release. The massive box set will be released on April 17th! Get it HERE! 

Here is the album cover:

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